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13 Dec

Buckle up, VR enthusiasts, because the UK just broke a virtual reality record on Black Friday! Data from GfK reveals that VR revenue soared to its highest ever during this shopping frenzy, marking a 33% increase in headset sales compared to last year. But hold on, that's not the whole story...While overall revenue rose 17%, the spike in headset sales hints at a fascinating twist: it seems the Meta Quest 2, now at its cheapest price ever (£250 in the UK!), dominated the scene.

The new-gen contenders, Meta Quest 3 and Playstation VR 2, despite their launch this year, remained unfazed by the discounts, commanding roughly double the price tag of their predecessor.And the data backs it up. 

Black Friday saw Quest 2 sales outpacing Quest 3 by more than 2X on Amazon, reflecting the allure of affordability. But here's the surprising part: despite the price gap, Quest 3 debuted just as strong as Quest 2 did in 2020 on Valve's PC VR platform.So, what does this tell us? VR is thriving in the UK, with Quest 2 leading the charge as a pocket-friendly gateway to the metaverse. Meanwhile, the higher-end devices, while facing stiffer competition, are carving their own niche in the PC VR space.

In short, the UK's VR Black Friday was a tale of two quests: affordability on one hand, and cutting-edge tech on the other. It's a clear sign that VR is diversifying, drawing in wider audiences while pushing the boundaries of immersion and performance. Buckle up, folks, the future of VR is looking brighter than ever!

The article was written by Amit Caesar and Bard

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