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14 Jan

Ready to ditch the poker face in VR? HTC's got your back (and mouth, and eyes) with their brand new Full Face Tracker add-on for the Vive XR Elite! Say goodbye to stiff, emotionless avatars and hello to a whole new level of expressiveness in your virtual adventures.This little magnetic marvel attaches effortlessly to your XR Elite, connecting via USB-C and packing two eye-tracking cameras for lightning-fast 120Hz precision and one mouth-tracking camera for 60Hz nuance.

Plus, the mouth camera folds neatly away for convenient travel, so you can take your expressive superpowers anywhere.

But how does it work? Imagine your avatar smirking at a witty teammate, wincing at a virtual roller coaster drop, or whispering sweet nothings in a VR love story. Developers can tap into the Face Tracker's power to create experiences that react to your every flicker and grin.

And the best part? OpenXR compatibility opens up a universe of possibilities. Apps designed for HTC's previous face-tracking tech will likely play nice with the new add-on, meaning a treasure trove of expressive adventures awaits!"We built this with ease of use in mind," says Shen Ye, HTC's Global Head of Vive. "Developing for it is a breeze, thanks to our Vive Wave platform and OpenXR support.

Basically, anything that rocked face tracking on the Vive Focus 3 rocks it on the new Vive Full Face Tracker too!"So, whether you're a seasoned VR pro or a curious newcomer, step into a world where your emotions come alive! HTC's Full Face Tracker is available from today for $200, ready to unlock a whole new dimension of VR immersion. Who knows, your avatar might just become the life of the virtual party!

Bonus points:

  • Imagine specific VR scenarios where face tracking would add a whole new layer of immersion (e.g., playing poker with virtual bluffs, whispering secrets in a VR escape room).
  • Highlight existing VR games that could potentially benefit from the Face Tracker (e.g., horror games where your fear is reflected in your avatar's face).
  • Share your own excitement for the possibilities of face-tracking in VR!

Let's get expressive, VR fam! The future of virtual interaction is looking brighter than ever, one tracked blink and grin at a time. 

The article was written by Amit Caesar AND BARD

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