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12 May

What is a virtual reality motivation and rest room?

A virtual room is a room that is specially set up to provide your employees with the motivation needed to work in the new era.

In order to set up a virtual restroom, there are many things that need to be considered, for example: the size of the room, the content that suits you, the connection of the system, training and more ...

What are the benefits it can bring to you as an employer, a virtual reality motivation and rest room?

First, this is a basic product born out of a real need in our stressful age to give your employees a sense of satisfaction, self-fulfillment, calm, rest, concentration, many studies in Israel and around the world already show amazing results in terms of their employee performance.

How many does a virtual reality motivation and rest room cost?

A virtual restroom can range from a few thousand shekels to several tens of thousands of shekels. There are many products on the market and many ancillary and complementary equipment for specific experiences.

Who already uses Israel in a virtual reality motivation and rest room?

Google, schools, doctors and more than your virtual imagination.

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article by Amit Caesar:

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