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 ראם RAM Size 16 GB

מעבד Processor Series Core i7 6700T

מהירות מעבד Processor Speed 2.8 GHz

כרטיס מסך Graphics Coprocessor GTX 1070

Graphics Description Dedicated

ארדיסק Hard-Drive Size 240 GB Hardware Platform PC

מערכת הפעלה Operating System Windows 10

Processor Count 4



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GeForce GTX 10 Series

Game changing performance arrives with the NVIDIA Pascal architecture delivering amazing capability and power efficiency. Equipped with an NVIDIA GTX 1070, get ready to raise the bar with VR GO for smooth game play on all the latest demanding titles in full high-definition detail.

Intel Skylake CPU

Built on 14nm manufacturing process, the Intel Skylake quad-core processor delivers breakthroughs in performance and power efficiency for quick responsiveness.

VR Ready

Combining the power of Intel’s Skylake Core i7-6700T processor with the graphical prowess of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1070, these forces come together to create a superior VR and gaming performance, enabling native 4k display output and supporting up to 4 displays. The VR GO supports dual storage solutions to provide flexibility, and connects with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and dual gigabit LAN for high speed experience.


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More Than VR Ready

In 3 simple steps, the VR GO become a powerful and compact gaming Mini PC. Whether it is room-scale or seated VR experiences, the VR GO adapts so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


Exhaust heat is directed away from the body through carefully designed vents and channels to keep the back cool while the VR action is hot.

Design Comfort

The VR GO is designed to be worn for continuous action. With an even weight distribution and the added foam padding on the back support and shoulder straps, the VR GO frees you from the weight of the real world.