AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover Set for Oculus Quest 1 or Rift S

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The AMVR Anti-throw Touch Controller Grip Cover original design,used for preventing the touch controllers from being thrown out while playing games, and for protecting the touch controllers from impacting, scratching and soiling.

Premium Material:
The touch controller grip cover is made of premium TPU plastic.
Adjustable elastic bands are made of elastic fabric and silicone for wear, elasticity and anti-slip.

Easy to Install:
The touch controller and the anti-throw handle sleeve are firmly fixed by a velcro strip.
The handle sleeve is tied with a three-position adjustable and fixed, and the tightness is adjusted according to the size of each person's own palm.
Watch the instruction manual before use and the product is very easy to assemble.

Packing List:
2 x Touch Controller Grip Covers ;
2 x Silicone Protection Cover Rings ;
4 x Elastic Bands ;
4 x Velcro Strips ;
1 x VR Lens Protection Cover ;
1 x Anti-leakage Nose Pad ;
2 x Spring Buckles ;
1 x Instruction Manual 

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