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best new games for oculus quest 2

best new games for oculus quest 2

2019 was an extremely successful Facebook standalone VR headset. I provided a lot of ports from other headsets for some fantastic original games. I expected this trend to continue in 2020, with some of the best VR games yet to be played on the platform and brand new titles. This is what you need for this year on your shopping list.

Lost Spirit-TBA Paranormal Activity

No one has more cheap fears than the Paranormal Activity series, especially The Lost Soul. It's so uneasy about the heart health of the player that he could easily be an assassin. Think of jumping, loud screams, and great screams with a supernatural turn and wealth. It should be a perfect addition to every horror VR fan's collection.

At Freddy's VR—TBA Five Nights

Five Nights At Freddy's is also on its way to Quest sometime this year. Speaking of fears. The VR adaptation of the infamous collection–which includes old and new contents–was originally produced last year by PSVR and PC VR. No news yet on whether the Quest edition will come with the Halloween DLC for this release, but the fingers crossed.

Holy and Sinner-Q3 2020 The Walking Dead:

A dozen zombie shooters are on VR platforms, including The Living Dead: Saints and Sinners aim to stand out on a finely polished level and concentrate on storytelling. In the ruins of New Orleans, you fight gory walkers, handle stock supplies, and ensure stealth kills as you walk. Skydance Interactive, Archangel developer, has been working on this for a while, so we have high expectations.

Eclipse: Dark Rim-Early 2020

Now that the Daydream platform in Google essentially finished and poured out, we can surely crown Eclipse: the Rim of Light, the best game in the world. Fortunately, developer White Elk has brought the experience to other platforms in 2020. Eclipse is a moody piece of science fiction exploration, with smooth controls, fascinating sites, and a serious sense of discovery. We can't wait to dive in on advanced headsets.

Rabbit Hole Down—Early 2020

The hotpot combination of various storytelling and gameplay styles by Rabbit Hole promises one of the most experimental VR experience of the year. In the world of Wonderland, you play as a young girl (although you are not the star of Alice) through a series of scenes, solving puzzles and meeting foolish characters. The game blends third and first individual parts with a fascinating innovation.

January Demon Giant

Originally scheduled to be released in December, Quest is one of our favorite PSVR 2019 games. Ghost Giant offers a world that loves to get lost in one of VR's strongest friendships. You are the imaginary friend of a young boy who quickly forms a powerful bond that sees both of you through a glorious adventure. But Ghost Giant hides a story with strong emotional handling that makes it an important piece for all its pleasantries.


Echo VR is one of those games that we probably thought we would work on Oculus Quest's tracking technology. But Ready is ready for proof at Dawn Studios, even if 2019 delayed this expected harbor. Echo VR is the online section of the studio's superb Lone Echo series, which takes place in gravitational arenas in sports like Tron. Be addictive, active, and hopefully find an excellent place on the platform.


This year, on Quest, the shooter sim that has emerged as one of VR's first true success stories should find a suitable home. Onward has been one of the first headset games to deliver a convincing shooter experience for multi players and has only expanded ever since with the updates of Downpour Interactive developer. Playing this one without the tether tugging on our heads should be a lot more immersive.

TBA Population One

Population One took a little more time than we planned to bring out, but we are still looking forward to a full release in 2020. This may be the best yet to mask VR with a royal genre and, even as the craze around the last man's playful style has subsided a bit, Population One could revitalize it for headsets. The game promises to unleash a lot of 'splosions, of course.

Fantasy: Covert Ops-TBA

Phantom's idea may seem absurd at first, but the game provides a rather thoughtful and insightful approach to RV stealth. You infiltrate enemy bases by water, wading in a kayak across rivers. Seat-based, paddling-crossed games make for wonderfully immersive sneaking, but there are concerns about the level of a variety of tasks and enemy AI to keep the experience going.

VR-TBA Space Unit

There have been many VR party games overcome by Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes by their strenuous competitive genius, but Space team VR will definitely step up to the challenge. Based on the Mobile Classic, you teamed up with four friends to repair your ship while you were in the galaxy. Listen to your teammates' instructions and give them directions, all while trying to shoot. Make sure you say a lot of yelling.

Space VR: silence-Early 2020

The Room series made its name on mobile devices by producing puzzles that truly considered the complexity of the platform. The Room is one of the most famous series for phones and tablets with creative interactions. Hope Hope Fireproof brings the same invention to the VR debut of the series which offers a full account of detailed environments and puzzles on a scale still not seen.

Drift of snow-TBA

We know very little about Snow Drift, except for a few glimpses at Oculus Connect 6. The game seems promising to be a chilling survival adventure in which you find yourself in frozen waste of nature. Developer Perilous Orbit is most known for its work on Sports Bar VR, so we are looking forward to finding out how the team is adapting to a new genre.

Doctor Who: Time's Edge-23 January

The fun-filled adventure of Maze Theory is on its way to Oculus Quest a bit later this month. The edge of time is a bit like an extended episode of a doctor who shows you as a companion of Jodie Whittaker's Doctor, on a tour of time and space. We can find iconic enemies and a host of puzzles and other problems around every corner. This one will skip for fans of the series.

Audica-TBA Audica

The rhythm action game of Harmonix found firm bases on PC and PSVR, but the game will finally jump to Quest by 2020. Audica is basically Beat Saber with blasters, and far closer to BS than Pistol Whip, tell. Audica should have a polished fun on Quest with new tracks and developers that offer fun to other games.

Solaris: TBA-Offworld Fight

With the 2018 online seminal shooter, Fire wall: Zero Hour, First Contact Entertainment made its name. The game provided a mix of arcade action and tactical realism, and became one of the best titles of PSVR. First Contact leans into the genre of the arena shooter with a fast-paced action game. Still seeing a lot of Solaris, but we are very excited about it, making it one of our most awaited Oculus Quest games for the future.

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